Wednesday 16 January 2013

A welcome freak of nature

Our region normally sees the stirrings of spring weeks ahead of the rest of the country, but a generally warming climate and an extraordinary mild winter has further accelerated the process this year. Our plants and trees are being lulled into life ahead of schedule, treating us to an unseasonable drop of colour in January. This, in turn, lulls us into believing spring is near, when winter's true bite is still to be felt. We'll make the most of these premature signs of life while we can.

Flower show courtesy of Morrab Gardens and Penlee Park.

Words © Dee and Gerard Ivall. Images © Nik Strangelove

Tuesday 1 January 2013

We are one

Today we mark the fact that Penzance Post has existed for one year. We take the opportunity to thank our readers, followers and featured folk for giving us the time of day – your interest and support inspires us. We began without any fixed idea of what Penzance Post would be, but we're proud of what it's become, and as long as we are able, we promise we will carry on, staying true to our original vision: to portray the Penzance area in a purely positive light. 

Happy New Year.

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Cupcake courtesy of Jessie at The Lost and Found café.

Words © Dee and Gerard Ivall. Images © Nik Strangelove