Monday 4 February 2013

Wild Walking : Introduction

A series of posts highlighting local footpaths.

Walk #1 in the series, Penzance to Madron, will be posted shortly.

Within the conurbation of Penzance and Newlyn, it's easy to live and be blinkered to the countryside that surrounds us, inland as well as coastal.

And as we increasingly rely on Google instead of Ordinance Survey for our mapping, the wonderful world of public footpaths is hidden from us, and unless you're a daily dog walker, these historical routes could remain unknown.

Fresh air, uplifting views, discovery of new lands, spying wildlife and exercise are the undeniable benefits of 'wild walking'. Getting wet, getting stuck in mud, getting snagged by brambles, getting lost – well these things are just the fun of the affair.

This is why we're posting a series of local off-road paths we've unearthed, so that they don't get forgotten. If we dare to break out of the confines of the great A30, who knows what we'll find?

Our inspiration is a little book entitled 'Walks in West Cornwall: Penzance and St. Ives', produced by The West Cornwall Footpaths Preservation Society in 1962, which we picked up at the Lost and Found Cafe shop recently. 

To help with more up-to-date guidance we're utilising the excellent, and free, online mapping website provided by Ordinance Survey, where you can find and print any UK map, footpaths and all. 

Thanks also to the suggestions we've had from local people, which will certainly be featured as the series continues.

Words © Dee and Gerard Ivall. Images © Nik Strangelove

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